Tractor Zoom Announces Acquisition of Anvil App Works to Enhance Dealer Solutions

Tractor Zoom, a leading provider of farm equipment and heavy machinery valuation data, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Anvil App Works, a respected Salesforce OEM partner with CRM solutions built specifically for equipment dealerships of all brands. This strategic move reflects the commitment of both Tractor Zoom and Anvil to deliver exceptional value and support to equipment dealerships.

“The decision to acquire Anvil App Works is a natural progression of our existing partnership, which was solidified in February,” said Kyle McMahon, CEO and Founder of Tractor Zoom. “Through our initial collaboration, we integrated our solutions and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers, who directly experienced the added value it brought to their businesses. This acquisition enables us to scale this success and allocate increased resources to develop the best dealer solutions possible.”

The combined company will operate as Tractor Zoom with headquarters in Iowa, under the leadership of Kyle McMahon. Jason Hoult, CEO and Founder of Anvil App Works, will remain a key part of the organization and be responsible for leading the product development and continued innovation of the newly acquired CRM solution.

With a combined employee base of 47, the acquisition brings together the talent, technologies, and partnerships of both companies to streamline the equipment appraisal, pricing, and sales process. By offering a single platform where equipment dealers can access internal customer and sales data alongside real-time, industry equipment valuation data points, Tractor Zoom aims to eliminate the need for multiple solutions, thus improving efficiency and scaling operations without the need to add headcount. Approximately 850 dealership locations currently utilize Tractor Zoom Pro and Anvil’s DealerConnect and Enterprise platforms, and both solutions will continue to be sold and supported to help clients achieve their business goals.

“Formally merging our companies and products unlocks so much opportunity,” said Hoult. “It allows us to combine our collective expertise and resources to build a fully-integrated sales and equipment inventory management SaaS platform that addresses the evolving needs of dealerships in North America.”

While Tractor Zoom diligently assesses the best approach to integrate products, processes, and technology, the company assures existing customers of Anvil App Works and Tractor Zoom Pro that the acquisition will have minimal impact on their day-to-day operations and use of each product. They remain committed to maintaining the same sales and customer success staff, while also immediately investing in additional customer success, implementation, data science, and Salesforce technology resources to ensure an even better customer experience.

“As we embark on this new chapter, our mission, vision, values, and brand promise remain unchanged,” said McMahon. “We will continue to listen to our customers, deliver innovative solutions, and provide honest, accessible, and actionable insights to empower their business decisions.”

To learn more about Tractor Zoom and the acquisition of Anvil App Works, visit

About Tractor Zoom

Tractor Zoom ( is changing the way the industry researches, values, and manages the purchase of farm equipment and heavy machinery. By partnering with over 2,200 auctioneer and dealer locations nationwide, we’ve built the fastest-growing and most transparent heavy equipment database that allows buyers to easily find and finance the equipment they need online, while also helping banks, Farm Credits, dealerships, and other organizations quickly and accurately value equipment based on real market data, in real time.

About Anvil App Works

Anvil App Works ( is a Salesforce OEM partner with software solutions built for equipment dealerships of all brands. Both Anvil Enterprise and DealerConnect CRM/I combine marketing, sales, inventory, service and order processing in a single platform. Tailored to each business’s unique needs, Anvil’s robust suite of applications streamlines dealership operations, reduces system complexity, and enhances overall productivity and strategic decision-making. With our intuitive and user-friendly design, you can deliver a better, more connected customer experience across your dealership.

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