Outside Plant Engineer

Apply online: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/iowa/jobs/3991610/outside-plant-engineer?department[0]=336

Job Description: Only applicants who meet the Minimum Qualification Requirements and meet all selective requirements (listed below) will be placed on the eligible list.

The Outside Plant Engineer functions as an assistant to Telecommunications Engineer Senior, providing assistance to other outside plant and ICN personnel; participates in developing and maintaining outside plant records, drawings, route information, permit packages, project plans, bid proposals, generation of as-built drawings and any other documents to include daily logs and updating of safety practices, ensuring that contractors and other personnel maintain such documentation.

Inspects aerial and underground fiber cable placement for quality control, ensuring compliance with approved plans, permits and easements, and state and federal standards; coordinates activities between ICN and its contractors; ensures appropriate prior approval or notification of plan changes necessitated by construction problems.

Recommends alternatives to eliminate cable placement conflicts; reviews construction plans, investigates sites, and interfaces with engineers, contractors and project inspectors; develops alternative writes for new cable placement; develops bidding packages; provides direction for outside plant maintenance organization, reviewing repair and relocation estimates.

Participates in new technology research, development and testing projects; provides technical assistance for co-workers, contractors and customers; supports staff.


  • Adheres to the industry standard regarding construction and maintenance of the entire OSP structure
  • Assumes full responsibility for the safety and security of the existing OSP facility
  • Determines the scope, budget, and schedules for existing and new OSP projects
  • Delivers project installations within the stipulated time
  • Follows engineering standards and work as per ICN engineering specifications
  • Develops aerial and underground fiber route maps and executes tasks such as route analysis
  • Assumes charge of fiber optic verification and all cable route mapping activities
  • Maintains records of all fiber cable splicing and topography
  • Develops mitigation and restoration procedures for emergency conditions
  • Possesses proper knowledge of ArcGIS, CAD and other software applications used to create engineering designs
  • Inspects OSP networks

Selectives995 Outside Plant Fiber Cable Constructions
6 months’ experience, 12 semester hours, or a combination of both involving:

Quality control inspection related to aerial and buried fiber cable as part of ensuring system readiness
Developing alternative recommended routes for new cable placement
Developing and maintaining outside plant records, drawings, route information, permit packages, project plans, bid proposals, and generation of as-built drawings
Experience and/or education reflect: Skill in the use of cable locating equipment and equipment associated with civil engineering for outside plant projects
Minimum Qualification Requirements Experience equal to six years in telecommunications or outside plant construction and planning as a technical or associate engineer;

an equivalent or a combination of education and experience, substituting thirty semester hours of accredited post high school education with major coursework in engineering, telecommunications technology or related area for each year of the required experience to a maximum of four years.

For additional information, please click on this link to view the job description. (Download PDF reader)

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