Cybersecurity Sales Executive

Cybersecurity Sales Executive

Company Overview

ProCircular is an Iowa-based Information Security and Privacy firm offering customized full-service programs to protect clients and their information. We reveal what they don’t know about their technology security, prepare them for the future challenges, and help protect privacy and data with a system of tailored, layered, and ongoing security that is right for your organization.


Not only are we a cool company doing cool things, we really care about our employees and encourage an innovative and open environment offering nice and even some unique benefits for our team members to take advantage of.


Position Summary

This position is responsible for expanding ProCircular’s client base and generating revenue by developing and growing a client base, managing and negotiating with clients, generating leads and qualifying prospects.


A successful candidate will have a “hunter” attitude and the ability to open doors and set meetings with prospects. This candidate should be able to develop meaningful and long-lasting client relationships, understand technical concepts at a business level and bring a creative energy to match the fast-paced “growth-company” attitude.


Required Skills and Experience:

Proven experience of building lasting relationships with customers
High emotional IQ and situational awareness
Established professional network in local technology and cybersecurity community
1-3 years minimum in professional service or technology sales
“Hunter” mindset
Experience and ability to actively listen to help others feel understood and important

Essential Job Functions (include but are not limited to the following)

Identify and set meetings with executive level prospects
Uncover opportunities to help improve client security and compliance
Effectively and efficiently close deals
Develop and maintain long-lasting relationships with clients
Communicate consistently and effectively across departments
Manage detailed records on clients and activities within CRM
Leverage standard sales techniques to generate leads
Participate in and contribute to ProCircular marketing efforts such as webinars, round tables and events
Engage in the Cybersecurity community by hosting, attending and supporting local events
Uphold the values of ProCircular and abide by the Company handbook.
Position Requirements

The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge skills and abilities required. Employees who do not possess the requirements for a job at the time of hire will not be considered for the position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Desired Skills and Experience:

Experience with HubSpot CRM a plus
Experience with professional service and IT sales strongly preferred
Ability to manage volatile situations with a calm manner
Strong collaborator willing to openly share opinions and ideas
Open to constructive feedback
Manage sensitive information keeping client names and situations confidential
Able to make a point or de-escalate a situation using humor
Experience working remotely
Must be self-motivated, goal and detail oriented
Flexible and adaptable to changing work environment
Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and manage time efficiently
Communicate in a positive manner with clients and escalate any issues and/or messages accordingly
Must be able to efficiently use Microsoft Word and Excel
Solid understanding of local market, competitors and trends

Education and Experience Requirements:

Previous relatable experience required.
Language Requirements:

The primary language of ProCircular is English. Excellent communication skills are required, defined as the ability to:

Actively listen for total comprehension
Ask questions that enhance the understanding of a certain topic
Relay information and/or instruction in a descriptive and understandable fashion in both written and verbal format
Reasoning Ability Requirements:

High-functioning, reasoning abilities are necessary to meet deadlines, prioritize company and customer needs, and work in a high functioning collaborative team environment.


Physical Requirements:

Occasional lifting up to 20 lbs. may be necessary from time to time. Must be able to sit for long periods of time, view a computer monitor, and type frequently/constantly (up to 8 hours a day).


Travel Requirements:

Valid driver’s license is required for frequent travel.


Employment Status

Exempt: This role is exempt which means it is excluded from minimum wage, overtime regulations, and other rights and protections afforded nonexempt employees.


Schedule Expectations

Our normal hours of operation are from Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Full-Time: Full-Time employees are defined legally as working at least 30 hours per week, however; full time positions at ProCircular require at least 40 hours. This position requires 40 hours worked within a regular workweek. Occasionally, time over 40 hours may be necessary in order to meet the requirements of the position. As long as performance expectations are met, employees may flex his or her schedule, subject to preapproval of one’s direct supervisor.


Supervision Requirements

This position does not have supervisory responsibilities.


Performance Expectations

All teammates are evaluated at least annually on their performance based on the essential job functions in this job description, along with ProCircular’s Core Values:


It’s about people

People define every part of our business. Growth potential is based on the abilities and personalities of the people involved. Technology solutions are a part of the equation, but it’s the people in an organization that define its true security. We work hardest when we’re supporting one another. We take care of each other; we take care of our families, and in doing so we take better care of our customers.
Fear is the mind killer

We don’t let fear define the need for our services and we don’t present a problem without discussing realistic response or mitigation options. There’s more than enough to worry about in life and plenty of people telling us to be afraid. We’re solutions people, not fear mongers.
Strong opinions lightly held

Opinions are important—they coalesce facts, reason, experience, and judgment into actionable points of view. We present our opinions with logic and reason rather than emotions, offering several alternatives to each challenge and the supporting data. The rejection of an idea is not a rejection of the individual or their merit. Everyone has a voice and a chance to speak, regardless of title, station or seniority.
Quality over speed, speed over cost

Every organization must consciously balance quality, speed, and cost. We will always put the quality of our work first. We make great efforts to move quickly, but never at the expense of quality. While we strive to keep our services affordable, we never choose an inexpensive alternative that will adversely impact quality or speed.
Cool heads, warm hearts

We keep a cool head and help others do the same, especially in a crisis. We approach adversity with patience, logic, and understanding. Mistakes happen; we don’t hide, ignore, condemn, or fear them. Mistakes are opportunities to exemplify honesty, accountability, professionalism, tolerance, and grace. Instead of pointing a finger, we use humor, empathy, and fun when it matters most.

We treat each other how we hope to be treated. We don’t yell; we aren’t condescending, and we always try to understand the other person’s perspective, before reacting to it. We keep it light and we listen. We extend this principle to our customers, and we understand that talking down to them is the easiest way to send them to a competitor.
Tomorrow just happened

Life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans. We work hard on today but we’re always thinking about the future. We take extra time to make sure we’re learning and looking ahead. No matter what your discipline or area of expertise, you’re adding your capabilities to the long-term plan for the organization and its clients.

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