Artificial Intelligence Trainer – Part Time/Remote


  • Work remote, part-time
  • Work on the go, at your convenience
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Hours available are between 7 am – 10 pm (CST)
  • Shifts available Monday – Friday AND Saturday, Sunday

Work part-time, on the go, at your convenience. You will work alongside other trainers, and work varying shifts per week.

Enjoy complete flexibility, so long as you have access to the internet (desktop, is preferred, but mobile work from a phone is acceptable after adequate training).

Work tasks include labeling data in a particular way to allow for accurate and timely messages between the Structurely product and consumers looking to buy, sell or rent real estate.

Data labeling is done through a proprietary application developed by Structurely, for which training will be provided.


Real estate agents, and all salespeople, need new leads to do business. However, once the salesperson gets a lead, 50% of the time that lead isn’t followed up with. Ouch. There are over 20,000,000 leads created in real estate alone, every year.

Structurely exists to help real estate agents and salespeople respond to those leads at scale by using an artificial intelligence (AI) “assistant.” The problem is, this assistant isn’t all-knowing…yet.

In this role, you will guide Structurely into the new frontier of AI. You’ll be responsible for managing data sent to our AI assistant by appropriately tagging, labeling, and monitoring real estate sales-related inquiries.


You have the opportunity to optimize the way we manage mission-critical data through technology, best practice experience, and process improvements so we can continue to scale while continuing to improve the company’s profitability.

This role allows Structurely to optimize our machine learning and AI models using the data you’re responsible for. You will work closely with product and machine learning engineers to understand the data at a deep level, where we might be falling short, and recommendations to make improvements.

You will work part-time, at your convenience to utilize internal products and tools at Structurely to label, annotate and review real estate-related messages from consumers.


The AI Data Training Team at Structurely is responsible for the utmost quality-assured data. Alongside the AI Engineering Team at Structurely, the AI Data Training Team works in accordance with the procedures and specifications set out by the product and development roadmap.

The data represented in our company and solutions as we grow are guided by developing a streamlined process, the right technology, careful analysis, and continual improvement to grow and optimize this extremely important aspect of the company.


  • Attend Closing Camp – Structurely’s cross-functional onboarding program all new employees go through to understand the industry and our role in the industry
  • Start training and managing data through “Vito”; Vito is your new AI-enabled data training partner. Vito allows Structurely to compare new AI models in real-time, using the data you help to train
  • Monitor, question, and comment on “Vinny”; Vinny is your new AI-enabled quick response partner. Vinny is on the front line of responding to real consumer inquiries and will require a level of understanding and responsibility you gleaned from Vito


  • Have been responsible for nearly 10,000 real estate consumer response inquiries through Vinny
  • Identified 10 or more new “intents” or responses that should be added to Structurely’s AI product


  • Have been responsible for nearly 25,000 real estate consumer response inquiries through Vinny
  • Identified 25 or more new “intents” or responses that should be added to Structurely’s AI product
  • Identified common pitfalls of Structurely’s AI models, and areas for improvement for the AI Engineering Team


  • Have been responsible for over 50,000 real estate consumer response inquiries through Vinny
  • Identified 10 or more new “intents” or responses that should be added to Structurely’s AI product


  • Slack: Team communication and application resource tool Structurely leverages for a streamlined data training process
  • Zapier: a workflow automation tool that connects over 1,000 apps to streamline nearly everything
  • Excel: a data management tool that Structurely leverages for data analysis, content management, and more


  • Prior data entry or data management experience
  • Processed customer inquiries in a prompt and professional manner
  • Work independently in a fast-paced work environment
  • Remain positive and energetic in a work environment that is supportive of continued education and learning
  • Receive constructive advice and enjoy feedback
  • Have excellent technical knowledge, including excel, Slack, and other communication based messaging applications

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