TAI: Inclusion

The Technology Association of Iowa stands with the Black community in the fight against systemic racism and injustice. Black Lives Matter. TAI stands firmly for equality and will continue to be intentional about creating a safe and inclusive environment for Black technology professionals in the Iowa tech industry.  

We have taken time to listen to our members on how TAI can enact meaningful and lasting change within the Iowa technology community and beyond. In addition to our ongoing efforts within TAI’s Diversity and Inclusion committee, our Catalysts Series, and using our voice of inclusion within the walls of the Iowa legislature, TAI is committed to the following:

  • It will be the goal of this organization to have more of those recruited for all speaking opportunities, roundtables, committees, programs, and events, to be Black technology professionals. 

  • The 7 E’s of Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Talent resource guide developed by TAI’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee is now publicly available for download on the TAI website, www.technologyiowa.org/diversity.

  • Seek input from our community, experts, and leaders from across the state to build an approach that leverages our resources and our platform to drive meaningful action and lasting change.

  • Encourage and promote the need for diversity within the technology industry workforce that is judged solely on talent, innovation, and forward-thinking.

It is imperative that TAI  uphold a respectful, equitable, welcoming, and inclusive environment. TAI will continue to listen to its members and evolve as an association. We look to the future with hope and welcome you to join us.

Brian Waller 
President, Technology Association of Iowa 

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